Skin Revitalization Specialist

Skin Revitalization Specialist services offered in San Bernardino, CA

If your skin looks dull, old, or tired, and you prefer noninvasive cosmetic treatments, consider Potenza™ radiofrequency microneedling with Betty Daniels, MD, and her team at Woman to Woman Ob/Gyn Medical Group in San Bernardino, California. Potenza is a quick and cost-effective alternative to laser treatments that offers skin revitalization without surgery or downtime. Schedule an appointment by phone or online to get started today.

Potenza™ - The New Standard in RF Microneedling from Cynosure

Skin Revitalization Q & A

What is skin revitalization?

Skin revitalization at Woman to Woman Ob/Gyn Medical Group uses nonsurgical Potenza radiofrequency microneedling treatment to give your skin a youthful glow.

Microneedles puncture the skin and emit radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Potenza treats the signs of aging without the downtime associated with lasers.

What are the benefits of skin revitalization?

Some of the many benefits associated with skin revitalization at Woman to Woman Ob/Gyn Medical Group include:

Smoother, tighter skin
Younger-looking skin
Fewer lines and wrinkles
Diminished scars
Fewer skin imperfections

Your aesthetics provider offers Potenza radiofrequency treatment for all skin types and anywhere on your body.

Is Potenza treatment right for me?

To find out if you’re a good candidate for skin revitalization at Woman to Woman Ob/Gyn Medical Group, your provider reviews your medical history and evaluates your skin in areas of concern. They discuss your desired outcome to find a cosmetic solution that best matches your needs.

What should I expect during skin revitalization with Potenza?

When you arrive at Woman to Woman Ob/Gyn Medical Group for skin revitalization, the friendly staff members greet you. You relax in a comfortable chair while your provider applies numbing cream to your skin at the treatment site to eliminate any discomfort.
They apply a handheld microneedling device to your skin to emit radiofrequency energy and make tiny microtears in the skin to stimulate cell regeneration. Treatment times vary, but expect the procedure to last an hour or less.

What happens after my treatment?

There’s no downtime after Potenza skin revitalization. You can resume everyday activities right away, but it’s normal to experience temporary redness and swelling at the treatment area. Be careful to protect your skin from the sun.

Over the next few weeks and months as your body heals and collagen and elastin production increases, expect your skin to look more vibrant, youthful, smooth, and even-toned. Your specialist might recommend multiple treatment sessions to help you achieve optimal, long-lasting results.

You’ll begin to see results 4-6 weeks after treatment, with optimal results usually seen at 12 weeks after the last treatment.

Don’t live with unwelcome signs of aging when noninvasive skin revitalization procedures are within reach at Woman to Woman Ob/Gyn Medical Group. Schedule an appointment by phone or online to find out if Potenza is right for you.